Page builder

Discover the many features of our page builder. Easy to use, it will allow you to make content modifications in a fast and efficient way, and this, in all the languages of your website.


Check out our guide to learn more about the different features. Manage your menus, pages, sections, and elements with ease.


All the pages of your editor are managed in a menu. Through page management, access the main, secondary, hidden, and footer menus. Learn how to manage these menus in just a few clicks.


Create new content pages on your website to engage and inform your target audience, while generating content indexed by search engines. Using the page builder, learn how to create, edit, duplicate, and delete pages.


Customize the pages of your website by creating your own sections or modifying existing sections. Discover the different functionalities at your disposal to set up your page sections.

Elements - Overview

Through the page builder, you have access to a multitude of element options to display your content on your pages. These have been designed to allow for quick and easy management of your pages while displaying information in a clear and personalized manner.

Elements - Text and Rich Text

Use text elements to add content throughout your website. Learn more about our Text element (quick content management with preprogrammed formatting) and our Rich Text element (management and customization of the displayed content formatting).

Element - Button

Use the Button element to create engaging calls to action on your website. These can lead to internal pages, external links, PDF documents, etc. Use this element to encourage users to navigate through the site or perform specific actions.

Element - Slideshow

The Slideshow element allows you to showcase a carousel of images with or without text and call-to-action. Discover the many display options of our Slideshow element to capture the attention of your users and highlight multiple themes on your website.