Element - Button

Last updated on 2023-03-02

The Button element allows you to create call-to-action buttons that lead to internal pages, external links, PDF documents, etc. Use this element to encourage users to navigate through the site or to perform specific actions.

Create a Button element

Once your section is ready, add a Button element:

  1. First, choose whether you want to use an existing button or create a new button.
  2. Give a title (FR/EN) to your button and choose whether to display it or not.
    1. If you display your title, make sure to configure it properly: SEO tag, alignment, and color. This information is accessible by clicking on the 3 small dots next to the TITLE field.
  3. Button text:
    1. Enter the button content (FR/EN).
    2. Select the desired button type.
      1. Page: This option allows you to select a site page from a dropdown menu. You will find all pages of the page editor.
      2. External link: This option allows you to add an external hyperlink. Fill in the External link field (FR/EN).
      3. Link to another page within your website: This option allows you to add an internal link that is not a page from the page editor.
  4. Style: Customize the appearance of your button and see a preview directly in your modal.
    1. Size: Select the desired size from "small", "medium", and "large".
    2. Styles: Select the button style from those proposed.
    3. Icon (optional):
      1. Add an icon from those proposed.
  5. Parameters: Configure the parameters of your button. Several targets are possible:
    1. Open in new page
    2. No follow
    3. Add follow to link
  6. Save when your element is completed.