Customer area

The new dvore customer area is now available! It allows you to easily access all the information in your file. Whether it's your invoices, your current estimates, your production projects, your registered domains, or managing your sites, all the information you need is in one place!


See how to navigate your customer area and find all the answers to your questions.


Check all your billing information in one place in your dvore space. Make payments and modify your credit card information through your space.


Approve MEDIAVORE estimates directly in your customer area and view the history of all estimates made since the creation of your website.


Access your ongoing projects. See the progress of each production task, the delivery dates, and the deliverables that need to be completed on your side.


Consult registered domains with MEDIAVORE and manage the renewals of these domains.


Check the websites hosted by dvore and the dvore licenses associated with each one.

Agreements signed

View the history of signed service agreements and all documents signed as part of an estimate, project, or support plan.