Product categories

Last updated on 2023-03-03

The Categories module allows you to filter products into different categories and subcategories to help your customers find the products they're looking for. A clear and precise hierarchy of your products promotes more efficient navigation for users. Highlight your product categories, for example, by clearly identifying them in your website's menu.

Creating a product category or subcategory

  1. Through the sidebar menu, access Categories.
  2. Click on Add category.
  3. Fill in all the requested information (in all the languages of your website)
    1. Parent
      1. If the category you're creating is at least level 2, you need to indicate what the parent category is. If no parent is selected, the category will be level 1 by default.
      2. This setting allows for the categorization of categories to be hierarchical.
    2. Title
    3. Slug
    4. View order
      1. This setting will establish an order of display in the online store to determine which categories will display first.
    5. Description
    6. Image
    7. "Google product categories" setting
      1. If you have access to the Product Feeds functionality, you can also assign a Google product category.
      2. Don't forget to update your product feed when new categories are added to your website.
    8. SEO
      1. You can add a meta-title and meta-description to improve your website's search engine optimization. Otherwise, the platform will take the category name and description as the default metainformation.
  4. Save.

Delete a product category

  1. From the side menu, access Categories
  2. In the product list, hover over the options icon and click on the trash icon.
  3. Confirm your choice.

Add a product category tab in the menu

  1. First, go to your page builder , then to the Page management .
  2. Go to the menu where the category should appear.
    1. This could be the main menu, the secondary menu, or the footer menu, for example.
    2. The category could also appear as a sub-tab under a main tab.
  3. Select the Product item type.
  4. Select Product category Page type.
  5. Select the category from the drop-down menu.
  6. Add the menu title.
  7. Save.