Element - Contact information

Last updated on 2023-03-02

The Contact information element makes it easy to display your contact information. Enter the information in one element and use the same element throughout your site for efficient integration.

Create a Contact information element

Once your section is ready, add a Contact information element:

  1. First choose whether you want to use existing contact information or create new contact information.
  2. Give a title (FR/EN) to your contact information and choose if you want to display it or not.
    1. If you display your title, make sure to configure your title: SEO tag, alignment and color. This information can be accessed by clicking on the 3 small dots next to the TITLE field.
  3. Phone :
    1. Add your company's phone number(s) while indicating the numbers you want to display in the element.
  4. Address:
    1. Enable display, then insert the business address.
  5. Email:
    1. Activate the display, then insert the contact email.
  6. Customize your item with the different parameters at your disposal.
  7. Save.