Element - Accordion

Last updated on 2023-03-02

The Accordion element allows you to display complete information while maintaining a clean visual. Use this element to populate your pages with well-referenced content while keeping the sections visually clean.

Create an Accordion element

Once your section is ready, add an Accordion element:

  1. First, choose whether you want to use an existing accordion or create a new one.
  2. Give a title (FR/EN) to your accordion and choose whether you want to display it or not.
    1. If you display your title, make sure to configure it properly: SEO tag, alignment, and color. This information is accessible by clicking on the three dots next to the TITLE field.
  3. Type:
    1. Horizontal tabs: The element will display tabs on a horizontal axis with content below the tabs.
    2. Vertical tabs: The element will display tabs on a vertical axis with content to the right of the tabs.
    3. Accordion: The element will display the tabs as titles and the content will be displayed under the tab when the mouse clicks it (like a drawer).
  4. All tabs:
    1. Add the desired number of tabs by clicking on Add tab.
    2. In each tab, add a title (FR/EN) and content (FR/EN).
    3. Press Return to access the list of tabs.
    4. Repeat the same process for all your tabs.
  5. By going back, you will have access to the various parameters of your element to complete your configuration.
  6. Save when your element is completed.