Blog author

Last updated on 2023-01-30

Associate your blog articles with authors to establish your expertise in a particular field. Present your authors so that your target audience can learn more about them.

Manage blog authors

  1. Access your Blog module.
  2. Select the arrow to the right of the Add an article button, a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Select Authors.
  4. Here you will access the list of blog authors on your website.
  5. Click on an author to edit their profile and see the list of articles written by that author.

Creating a blog author

  1. Once on the Authors page, click on Add.
  2. In this sheet, fill in the required fields:
    1. Display name
    2. Email
    3. Role
    4. Description
  3. Select an image of your author.
  4. Click Save & back to list.

Deleting an author

  1. Once on the Authors page, hover over the three dot options on the author you wish to delete.
  2. Click on the Delete icon.
  3. Confirm your decision.