Last updated on 2023-01-12

The dashboard is the home interface when you log in to your website administration. It shows a summary of your website sales by month, quarter or year. Analyze statistics on popular products, favorite categories, and user demographics.

Consult the dashboard

Several charts are available to you:

  • Total Sales
  • Sales by:
    • Product category
    • Consumer's country
    • Province of the consumer
    • Product
  • List of last sales
  • List of last registered customers

At any time, you can click on the icon to view the table in more detail.

Change the period displayed on the dashboard

It is possible to view your sales by month, quarter and year. By default, you will see a monthly view of your sales.

Click on the filter to change the period displayed.

Export sales data

  1. On the table of your choice, click on the icon  to learn more.
  2. Select the desired search criteria and click on Search:
    1. Year
    2. Quarter
    3. Months of the year
  3. Click on Download excel file.